About Us

Rudolph Motoring School was established in the year 2000. The main aim was to set up a Driving School that is always one step ahead of the rest, so we were the FIRST to introduce in Malta as part of our service DOOR to DOOR PICK-UP of our pupils all round the island using FULLY AIR-CONDITIONED cars equipped with TWIN-POWER Steering and FULL-DUAL PEDAL SYSTEM for our clients safety, comfort and peace of mind while learning.
We offer high caliber professional one to one basis driving tuition service at a reasonable price. To achieve this goal our strength lay mainly with the quality of the driving instructor, so right from the beginning we set out to recruit only high quality instructors, instructors who not only excelled in their ability to teach people to drive, but they also needed to have and achieve proven track of getting their majority of pupils through their test the first time, in fact our school’s passing rate is very high. We also look for patient, smart appearance and last but not least we look for those instructors who have the highest level of communication skills who are able to put the message across without complicated jargon.
Yes, we invested in a state of the art office so you can find us whenever you need anything that we can assist you in. Other motoring schools can only be reached by phone, thus real personal contact is lost. Before starting your lessons you can meet us and most importantly you can meet and discuss your needs with your driving instructor BEFORE paying anything. At Rudolph Motoring School you are handled with white gloves even before you start your lessons. Should the unforeseen happens you know where to find us! We promise and strive that nothing gets into your way to obtain your driving license as soon as possible and in the safest imaginable way.

Our Mission

We will endeavour to treat each pupil as an individual and offer the best service we can and to teach our pupils to drive not only to pass the test but also to instill the knowledge to keep them safe afterwards, promoting all round road safety.
We pledge to be punctual, polite and patient at all times, deliver tuition at the highest standard and to offer no more lessons than required.
Once we assess that you are ready to sit for the test, driving and controlling the care safely, smoothly, aware of other road users and considerate of the road, weather, traffic conditions and can completely perform manoeuvres then the answer is probably: YES YOU ARE READY TO SIT FOR THE TEST!
Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Safe driving all year round

Services We Provide

  • Car Driving Lessons (Manual & Automatic)

  • Minibuses and Coaches

  • Truck and Trailer Driving Lessons

  • Motorcycle Riding Lessons

  • Theory Lessons

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"All Rudolph Motoring School instructors are fully qualified and in possession of a valid instructor permit and TAG issued from Transport Malta. "


"All the cars utilized by Rudolph Motoring School are VRT compliant and periodically tested to ensure they are safe and secure for the safety of our candidates during practical lesson and tests. "


"At Rudolph Motoring School they don't only help you to pass the driving test but they give you the knowledge in order to be a safe driver for life. "


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